• A. A. Kuznetsova Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
  • A. V. Glushkov National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”
  • E. S. Romanenko National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”
  • E. K. Plisetskaya National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”



Ключові слова:

multielectron atom, electric field, relativistic operator perturbation theory, Rydberg states


We develop the theoretical basis of a new relativistic operator perturbation theory  approach to multielectron atom in a DC electric field combined with a relativistic many-body perturbation theory formalism for a free multielectron atom. As illustration of application of the presented formalism, the results of energy and spectral parameters for a number of atoms are presented. The relativistic  OPT  method is tested for computing the Stark shifts of Rydberg states for a few the multielectron systems such as the sodium and rubidium. The approach allows an accurate and consistent treatment of a DC strong field Stark effect in multielectron atoms.


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