• A. V. Tsudik Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
  • A. A. Kuznetsova, Odessa National Maritime Academy
  • P. A. Zaichko, Odessa National Maritime Academy
  • V. F. V. F. Mansarliysky Odessa National Maritime Academy



We present the results of studying the spectroscopic characteristics of heavy Rydberg atomic systems in a black-body (thermal) radiation field. As theoretical approach we apply the  combined generalized relativistic energy approach and relativistic many-body perturbation theory with ab initio Dirac zeroth  approximation. There are presented the calculational data for the thermal black-body radiation ionization characteristics of the alkali Rydberg atoms, in particular, the sodium in Rydberg states with principal quantum number n=10-100 and ytterbium ion. Application of theory to computing the spectral parameters of studied atomic systems have demonstrated physically reasonable agreement between the theoretical and experimental data. The  accuracy of the theoretical data is provided by a correctness of the corresponding relativistic wave functions and accounting for the exchange-correlation effects.


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