• Yu. V. Dubrovskaya Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
  • I. N. Serga Odessa State Environmental University
  • Yu. G. Chernyakova Odessa State Environmental University
  • L. A. Vitavetskaya Odessa State Environmental University


Ключові слова:

relativistic theory, hyperfine structure, hadronic atoms


A new theoretical approach to energy and spectral parameters of the hadronic (pionic and kaonic) atoms in the excited states with precise accounting for the relativistic, radiation and nuclear effects is applied to the study of radiation parameters of transitions between hyperfine structure components of the pionic and kaonic nitrogen. The advanced data on the probabilities of radiation transitions between components of the hyperfine structure transitions 5g-4f, 5f-4d in the spectrum of pionic  nitrogen and 8k-7i, 8i-7h in the spectrum of kaonic nitrogen are presented and compared with alternative theoretical data.


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