• O. Yu. Khetselius Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
  • A. V. Glushkov Odessa State Environmental University
  • S. N. Stepanenko Odessa State Environmental University
  • A. A. Svinarenko Odessa State Environmental University
  • Yu. Ya. Bunyakova Odessa State Environmental University
  • E. T. Vitovskaya Odessa State Environmental University


Ключові слова:

energy exchange kinetics, atmospheric gases, laser radiation, photochemical model, quantum kinetic model


The aim of the work is to develop a set of optimal photochemical models with the inclusion of a submodel of the boundary layer using complex plane field methods and spectral algorithms and optimized blocks describing nonlinear radiation transfer and chemical conversion mechanisms, quantum-kinetic and photoelectronic models for describing nonlinear optical effects due to the interaction of infrared laser radiation with the gas atmosphere of an industrial city. An obvious consequence of the resonant interaction (in particular, absorption) of electromagnetic radiation by atmospheric molecular gases is a quantitative redistribution of molecules by energy levels of internal degrees of freedom, which quantitatively changes the so-called gas absorption coefficient. A change in the population levels of the gas mixture causes a violation of the thermodynamic equilibrium between the vibrations of the molecules and their translational motion and causes a new nonlinear effect of the photokinetic cooling of the atmospheric environment.


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