• E. V. Ternovsky Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова


Ключові слова:

spectroscopy of ions in plasmas, relativistic energy approach, radiative transition probabilities


The transition probabilities and lifetimes for different excited states in spectrum of the Li-like calcium are computed within the consistent relativistic many-body approach for different values of the plasmas screening parameter (correspondingly, electron density and temperature) and compared with available alternative data.  The approach is based on the generalized relativistic energy approach combined with the optimized relativistic many-body perturbation theory with the Dirac-Debye shielding model as zeroth approximation, adapted for application to study of the spectral parameters of ions in plasmas. An electronic Hamiltonian for N-electron ion in plasmas is added by the Yukawa-type electron-electron and nuclear interaction potential.


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